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The WDS 400 is currently out of production. We will continue full warranty and tech support for this unit.
WDS 400 Moisture Analyzer
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WDS 400 -- phosphorus pentoxide and Coulometric Karl Fischer

For measurement of the water content in solid and pasty samples, the Sartorius Water Detection System 400 is the ideal alternative to classic Karl-Fischer titration. The WDS 400 combines three reference methods – oven drying, coulometry (Karl-Fischer titration) and phosphorous pentoxide (the reference method for determining moisture in gas) into a highly accurate measurement technique. Yet the WDS 400 is also easy to operate without having to have special training and eliminates the need for working with detection reagents, many of which are toxic and expensive.

  • Detects water quantities in the trace range
  • Selective differentiation among surface and capillary water and water of crystallization
  • Operating range from a few ppm to approx. 40% moisture
  • 1 µg detection limit
  • ± 2% reproducibility of the absolute water content

Technical specifications
Moisture analysis methodThermal analysis followed by coulometric measurement
Sample heatingIn the built-in stainless steel oven
- From room temperature up to 400°C
- Adjustable in increments of 1°C
Detection limit1 µg of water
Reproducibility± 2% of absolute water value measured
Measuring rangeUp to approx. 40% water
Sample weight, average25–2,000 mg
Displayppm/% and µg water
Analysis timeAverage: 10–30 min | adjustable in increments of 1 min–10 h
Operator guidance | SoftwareEnglish, for Windows® 2000 | NT | XP
Data storageOn the hard drive of the interfaced PC
Number of measuring programsLimited only by PC’s hard drive memory
Power supply230V ± 10%
Frequency50 … 60 Hz
Carrier gasNitrogen N2 (class 5.0) or dry air; gas prepressure 1 bar, consumption 100–200 ml/min
Power consumptionStandby 100 W | At full power 600 W
Dimensions (W + D + H)

500 + 500 + 180 mm

Weight20 kg

Accessories Order no.
Regeneration kit for the electrolytic cell69MA0224
Calibration standard 69MA0225
Particle-removing filter (PTFE) 69MA0226
Nickel scoops for weighing samples69MA0228
Electrochemical cell, uncoated69MA0232
Temperature calibration unit for the oven6740-86

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