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Sartorius Mechatronics Introduces the PMD 300 – Continuous, Accurate Online Moisture Analysis for Automated Process Control

The new Sartorius Mechatronics PMD 300 moisture analyzer series is designed especially for online analysis providing the user with a complete accurate overview of the current state of their production process. Utilizing microwave resonance technology, moisture content data (multiple readings per second) can be automated, or if desired, immediate feedback can be realized via manual process control.

PMD 300 Microwave Moisture Analyzer Most moisture analyzers only conduct random spot checks while the LMA300 analyzers give the user continuous, automatic and accurate feedback of moisture content online. The PMD 300 moisture analyzers are particularly suited for food, chemical or pharmaceutical products, animal feed or other materials where the moisture or water content frequently determines the price, the quality of raw materials and final products.

Fast and Accurate Moisture Results
The Sartorius Mechatronics PMD 300 not only saves valuable energy, it also increases process safety and effectiveness since the moisture content is permanently monitored without having to wait for laboratory results. This means that the temperature in the oven, the air supply and the conveyor belt speed can be automatically adjusted to the current moisture content of the product. Ideal conditions for drying or baking process can thus be realized both efficiently and accurately.

Custom Designed to Any Process
The new PMD 300 series averages the individual measurements over a user-defined period and then sends the results to a PC, switch cabinet or PLC controller often in under 1 second. Both core and surface moisture content are analyzed. In this way, the analysis can be customized to the sample and process as each situation dictates. Depending on the type of sensor, the measurable range lies between 0.1% and 60% moisture content.

Versatility Personified
The PMD 300 Online Moisture Analyzer can also be used in the incoming goods department to analyze raw materials continuously and document the results. Instead of doing spot checks, the entire batch can be continuously monitored precisely meeting the needs of most GMP and user defined protocols (meets IFS V5 requirements). Additionally, water content levels for products with legal maximum values can be maintained accurately saving time and money.

When it comes to fast ROI savings, the Sartorius Mechatronics PMD 300 online moisture analyzer series will prove itself immediately and offer the user the finest in speed, accuracy, versatility and safety for their manufacturing process.

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